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“Every obstacle strengthens your resolve. He who has set a goal does not change it”. Leonardo da Vinci


Created in January 2015 through the merger of École Centrale Paris and Supélec, CentraleSupélec embodies the future of the scientific, cultural and professional fields.

As a public institution, it is committed to preparing the engineers of tomorrow to meet the challenges of an ever-changing world.

Spread over three strategically located campuses in Paris-Saclay, Metz and Rennes, the school is home to 4,300 visionary students.

Among them, 3,200 engineering students are being trained to become pioneers of innovation.

CentraleSupélec is not content to follow technological trends. With its 18 laboratories and research teams, it is at the forefront of discovery.

Its international dimension is undeniable: 30% of its students and a quarter of its teaching staff come from diverse backgrounds, enriching intercultural dialogue and the prospects for innovation.

By establishing partnerships with more than 170 prestigious institutions around the world, CentraleSupélec demonstrates its desire to work together for a better future.

CentraleSupelec is not only a world reference in engineering and systems sciences, but also a major player in the training of tomorrow’s leaders.

With branches in Beijing, Hyderabad and Casablanca and 45,000 graduates in more than 80 countries, CentraleSupélec’s influence extends far beyond the borders of France.

Thanks to your support, the institution is more determined than ever to shape the future, because Tomorrow is EngineerS.

Fondation CentraleSupélec

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Tomorrow is ambition. With your support, we will be able to welcome and educate more students to excellence, preserve our digital, industrial, and food sovereignty while positioning ourselves as leaders in health and quality of life.