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In a world facing unprecedented change, there is a palpable need for skilled engineers to lead the necessary transformations. These professionals, who embody the values of CentraleSupélec, are called upon to solve complex problems, always in the public interest.

However, we are faced with a worrying contradiction: there is a shortage of engineers, while the challenges, whether climatic, industrial or technological, continue to increase.

What’s more, while engineering offers a rewarding career, it fails to attract a diverse range of profiles, including disadvantaged students, women and, curiously, some international students. Yet this broad inclusion is essential if we are to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

In response to these challenges, CentraleSupélec is evolving and reinventing itself, firmly committed to the path of plural engineering. Because in the face of uncertainty, one thing remains certain: we are convinced that tomorrow is engineering.


Fondation CentraleSupélec


Through its ambitious goals, the school is committed to addressing the major challenges of the 21st century and educating the leaders of tomorrow.

  • #1Doubling the number of CentraleSupelec graduates by 2032

    In its ambitious pursuit to reach 4,000 graduates annually by 2032, CentraleSupelec is implementing a strategy based on several major levers through the creation of new specialized engineering programs, bachelor's degrees, master of science programs, and more.

    • Launch of four international Bachelor’s programs in engineering over the next decade.
    • Introduction of a new Master of Science program annually to dynamically meet global demand.
    • Collaboration with Université Paris-Saclay to double the number of doctoral degrees in engineering, projecting an increase from 2,000 to 4,000 graduates by 2033.
    • Establishment of specialized engineering programs at the Rennes and Metz campuses to enhance the range of specialties offered.
  • #2Attracting new pools of students, especially scholarship recipients and young women

    Because inclusion and diversity are among the core values of the school, CentraleSupélec has implemented a series of initiatives and set clear objectives for the next decade.

    • Development of the Center for Diversity and Inclusion to broaden and diversify the profile of students, targeting particularly talented individuals who are currently underrepresented in the fields of scientific excellence.
    • Promotion of diversity in all its forms because the best talents can come from any geographical origin, gender, physical ability, or social class. Increasing diversity will be one of the major assets of the school in the future.
    • The 30-30-30 objective: CentraleSupélec has set an ambitious goal for 2030: to ensure that 30% of its students are women and 30% are scholarship recipients, reflecting a strong commitment to equal opportunities, representation, and inclusion.
  • #3Preserving our digital, industrial, and food sovereignty

    In a world where balances are weakening and resources are diminishing, CentraleSupelec aims to mobilize the excellence of its research to strengthen our national sovereignty.

    • Distinguish ourselves in the global arena of Data and AI. By leveraging our expertise and training the talents of tomorrow, we aim to make France a key player in these strategic domains.
    • Cultivate innovative renewable resources, including those derived from biomass, to meet the needs of the energy, pharmaceutical, and food industries. Through close collaboration with industrial and academic partners, we seek to create sustainable solutions that will promote a greener and more resilient economy.
  • #4Aspire to leadership in health and quality of life

    CentraleSupelec is firmly committed to aligning engineering sciences with the well-being of our health to go even further!

    With a quarter of our dedicated teaching and research staff continuously focused on the Health and Life Sciences sectors across all of the School’s laboratories, a plethora of health-focused courses integrated into the engineering curriculum, close collaboration with 13 hospitals and research organizations, as well as numerous industry partners, CentraleSupélec is firmly committed to aligning engineering sciences with the well-being of our health to go even further!

  • #5Driving ecological and energy transitions

    At the dawn of a new chapter in humanity, the need for ecological and energy transitions is more pressing than ever.

    • Creation of a training program for engineers specialized in transitions, ready to establish and guide the imperatives of decarbonization, depollution, and sustainable growth at the heart of companies.
    • Large-scale implementation of innovations, drawing on the research and entrepreneurial initiatives of CentraleSupelec, aiming to strengthen industry and promote transitions across various economic sectors.


Faced with these complex issues, we are convinced that Tomorrow is EngineerS. To achieve this, CentraleSupélec is developing today the best multi-disciplinary projects to meet future challenges. Here is how we are preparing the engineering of tomorrow…

Fondation CentraleSupélec

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Tomorrow is ambition. With your support, we will be able to welcome and educate more students to excellence, preserve our digital, industrial, and food sovereignty while positioning ourselves as leaders in health and quality of life.