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Center for Diversity and Inclusion

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CentraleSupelec structures its action around diversity by creating a Center for Diversity and Inclusion

Origin and Philosophy of the Project

Because the best talents come from all geographical origins, are women and men, able-bodied or disabled, from all social classes, increasing diversity is an asset and not a constraint. That is why the school has set the goal of 30-30-30: 30% women and 30% scholarship recipients by 2032.

Fundraising goal

€ 1,000,000

To meet the needs of society and stimulate young people’s interest in science, an annual funding of €1,000,000 is required. This funding will enrich the pool of qualified candidates for the School’s competitions while preserving the excellence of its degree.

Fondation CentraleSupélec

The project details

  • #1Detailed description

    This ambitious project, spearheaded by the School, was made possible thanks to the exemplary donation made by an alumni patron to the CentraleSupélec Foundation.

    The actions carried out by the Center for Diversity and Inclusion are relevant at all stages of education: from the third and second grades, where choices (or lack thereof) of scientific subjects are made, to the first and final years of high school, as well as between high school and higher education, during preparatory classes or undergraduate studies, during the entrance exams, and throughout the student’s time at CentraleSupélec.

    The Center for Diversity and Inclusion is based on four main pillars:

    • Informing and guiding by offering tailored programs.
    • Introducing and promoting engineering sciences.
    • Developing equal opportunities and inclusion, particularly by removing barriers and combating self-censorship.
    • Providing financial assistance.
    • Diversity and inclusion are essential axes to which CentraleSupélec has been committed for several years: support for student associations addressing this issue, student/alumni mentoring, welcoming and supporting students with disabilities, etc.

    In terms of information and guidance, the School relies on successful initiatives such as the Summer Camp, whose 3rd edition in July 2023 will welcome 150 students (half of whom are scholarship recipients and half are girls) from second-grade classes.

  • #2Objectives of the project

    This center aims to broaden the pool of candidates for the School’s entrance exams while ensuring the academic excellence of the degree.

    The ambition of this center is to make science attractive and attract young people to scientific studies. The stakes are even higher as there is a strong demand from society and businesses for skilled professionals in these fields.

  • #3Expected results

    The Center for Diversity and Inclusion created by CentraleSupelec will broaden the School’s recruitment by reaching out to highly talented young people who, until now, tended to self-censor.

Fondation CentraleSupélec

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the fundraising campaign.

Tomorrow is ambition. With your support, we will be able to welcome and educate more students to excellence, preserve our digital, industrial, and food sovereignty while positioning ourselves as leaders in health and quality of life.