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Fondation CentraleSupélec

CentraleSupelec continues to transform and innovate to remain at the forefront of engineering education globally.

General description of the project

In a world facing profound disruptions, CentraleSupelec continues to transform and innovate to remain at the forefront of engineering education globally.

Thanks to the Paris-Saclay University and the long-standing density of its connections with the business world, CentraleSupélec aspires to be the benchmark engineering school for both the best students of their generation and for public and private institutions seeking to transform society in response to societal challenges and the waning of traditional economic and political models.

Fondation CentraleSupélec

The project details

  • #1Detailed description

    Expanding engineering education at all levels of higher education

    • Opening of at least 4 international Bachelor’s programs in engineering in the next ten years
    • Annual opening of a new Master of Science program
    • Doubling our engineering doctoral degrees through contributions from the University of Paris-Saclay
    • Opening specialized engineering programs on the campuses of Rennes and Metz

    For your information, CentraleSupelec is currently rated as the top school in France ahead of Polytechnique and HEC in terms of employability, and 22nd globally.

  • #2Origin and philosophy of the project

    CentraleSupélec has the ambition to become a world-class School of Engineering and to empower high-potential students to become engaged actors, demonstrating the significant role that engineers and sciences play in addressing unprecedented challenges such as climate change, resource scarcity, and the waning of contemporary political and economic models.

    In 2020, CS co-founded the Paris Saclay University, ranked 13th globally in the Shanghai Ranking, and the top university in continental Europe, which provides the School with international visibility.

  • #3Objectives of the project

    The need to double our own resources (+ €50 million) and increase public funding.

    An already exceptional level of own resources (50%) for a higher education and research institution.

    Expected support from the State, particularly regarding the engineering curriculum – The need to support staff and teacher-researchers to motivate and attract/retain the best profiles.

  • #4Expected results

    One of the objectives of the strategic plan deployed by the School is to achieve 30% female representation and 30% scholarship recipients across all its training programs by 2032.

    Expanding the range of training programs will allow more young people (with all talents) to join CentraleSupélec while benefiting from the excellence of the education.

  • #5Concrete examples

    • By meeting the considerable demand for new engineers and supporting the doubling of global students by 2035.
    • By better attracting foreign talents to France as its pool of excellence stagnates.
    • By accelerating to address, through science and innovation, three major global societal challenges through our graduates and researchers.
  • #6Funding plan

    • Establishing seed funds to finance these new training programs
    • Assisting in the deployment of new pedagogical innovation tools
  • #7Originality of the project

    Three observations have been identified:

    • There is a shortage of engineers in all sectors of activity and to address major economic and societal challenges.
    • An engineering degree is not attractive to international students. Engineering studies are unattractive to girls and disadvantaged students.
    • Hence the need to prepare the leaders of tomorrow’s world through a wide range of excellent degrees.
Fondation CentraleSupélec

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