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RTE and CentraleSupelec sign a research chair on the contributions of digital technologies for electrical systems.

Objective of the project

The objective of this “Digital Transformation of Electrical Networks Chair” is to study the potentialities offered by digital technologies for the management of the electrical system.

The project details

  • #1Origin and philosophy of the project

    For several years, RTE has been studying the potentialities offered by digital technologies in the management of the electrical system.

    Building on its close scientific and educational relationships with CentraleSupelec, RTE has sought to strengthen this collaboration and establish this new partnership in the long term in order to accelerate its innovation processes and benefit from the scientific expertise of leading research teams with which to interact in the field of engineering sciences.

    It is in this context that a five-year research chair was signed.

  • #2Detailed description

    The development of digital technologies represents a powerful lever that transforms the management, development, and operation of the electrical system. Integrating these technologies into the electricity transmission network will allow RTE to make the most of existing infrastructure and propose new ways to fulfill its missions within the framework of the energy transition.

    The design of the communication network that will be deployed to observe and control the electricity transmission network will require addressing multidisciplinary challenges specific to energy networks. This chair will thus involve several laboratories and teams at CentraleSupelec recognized in France and internationally across four key disciplines: Communications, Computer Science, Control and Decision, and Electrical Engineering.

  • #3Expected results

    CentraleSupelec aims to become a leading international training institution. To achieve this goal, it relies on its excellence in the field of fundamental and applied sciences such as mathematics, physics, information science and engineering technologies, energy, processes, mechanics, and industrial engineering.

  • #4Originality of the project

    Through its programs and laboratories, CentraleSupelec has been a leading actor in developing this vision, which has become essential today: the convergence of the Energy and Communications fields.

    Thanks to an active support policy, RTE is creating a solid environment of partners and experts whose complementary skills enable the development of new concepts and solutions for a network combining electricity and digital technology.

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