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The 4.0 future industry

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The industrial renewal of France will involve the development of new industrial platforms, combining digital twins, artificial intelligence, and robotics.

Origin and Objective of the Project

Created in 2019, the cross-cutting action “Industry of the Future” at CentraleSupélec brings together around forty teaching researchers and 14 laboratories, with the objective of promoting research and teaching projects capable of contributing to these major transformations.

This experimental platform will enable an increase in the activities of training, research, and innovation in these fields.

Fundraising goal


€270,000 is needed to finance this large-scale project. This includes €210,000 for the creation of a mini-factory with 3 mini assembly lines and €60,000 for the acquisition of an articulated robot that carries loads.

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Detailed Description

Three laboratories of the school (LGI, L2S, and MICS) and La Fabrique have joined forces to develop an experimental platform allowing for the implementation of a full-scale production line, including three assembly lines and an articulated robot. This setup will incorporate a digital twin and industrial 5G to test and develop technical solutions or models for predictive maintenance, reconfiguration, collaborative robotics, and supervised learning.

Expected Results

These platforms are expected to allow for the experimentation and integration of technical solutions at the heart of the major transformations affecting the Industry of the Future: digitization of the value chain, additive manufacturing, advanced monitoring and control, composite materials and new materials, the role of humans and management in the factory, and finally, energy efficiency and environmental footprint of companies.

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