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21st by CentraleSupelec

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Supporting the entrepreneurial ecosystem of CentraleSupelec is encouraging, supporting, and accompanying student and alumni entrepreneurs.

Origin and Philosophy

With the aim of training true “entrepreneurial engineers,” CentraleSupelec provides its students with an ecosystem of exceptional quality for innovation and entrepreneurship, encouraged and supported by the Foundation through all its donors.

Created in 2021 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of CentraleSupelec’s incubator and give it a new dimension, 21st by CentraleSupelec aims to be a real accelerator for students, doctoral candidates, and graduates of CentraleSupelec carrying disruptive innovations addressing the major challenges of the 21st century.

Fundraising goal


The Foundation provides 21st by CentraleSupelec with multidimensional support (funding for supervisory teams, scholarships, equipment purchases for incubators and fablabs, as well as mentoring programs, etc.) amounting to nearly €500,000 each year

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The project details

  • #1Detailed description

    Entrepreneurship has always been rooted in the history and identity of CentraleSupelec, which was indeed the first engineering school in France to create its incubator back in 2001.

    Since then, the School has done a lot to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit, resulting in numerous success stories.

    So, with 21st, it wasn’t about reinventing everything but rather about creating connections between the components of the existing entrepreneurial ecosystem, repositioning it on the specialties and strengths of the School, and further enriching it to support startups as far as possible: in the stages of maturation and launch, then acceleration, and finally scaling up.

    All of this would not have been possible without the Foundation, which has been providing multidimensional support to 21st and our startups from the beginning.

    Today, 21st by CentraleSupelec stands out for its mission to support projects with high impact on the major challenges of the 21st century, particularly: ecological transition, health, and the industry of the future to support our cyber and technological sovereignty. A positioning that aligns with that of the School and leverages the power of its research, now fully integrated into the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

  • #2Objectives of the project

    • +40% of students trained
    • x2 in startups creation
    • x3 in startups acceleration
    • A unique support offering Strategic support and an exceptional network of entrepreneurs
    • Connection to a high-level alumni network
  • #3Expected results

    With the 21st program, support is strengthened and opened to all project leaders, whether they are from the school or not, to enable them to unleash the potential of their technologies and have a real impact for tomorrow.

  • #4 Concrete examples

    To launch this program, which brings together the entire ecosystem of the School to innovate and undertake, it was necessary to start by building a dedicated team. The funding from the Foundation thus allowed the recruitment of the management team.

    This team has now expanded, the program has been structured, and it currently supports around a hundred startups each year, at all stages of their development and up to their scaling.

Fondation CentraleSupélec

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Tomorrow is ambition. With your support, we will be able to welcome and educate more students to excellence, preserve our digital, industrial, and food sovereignty while positioning ourselves as leaders in health and quality of life.