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Aristote is a generative artificial intelligence that will be made available to teachers to enable them to stimulate and test learners.

Origin and Philosophy of the Project

The digital tools that teachers use to assess learners are varied, with many being open-source software or solutions provided by EdTech companies. Most of these tools include the ability to launch quizzes within the learning pathway, and these quizzes are becoming increasingly diverse in their form.

However, creating these quizzes requires preparation time that teachers often lack, especially considering the need to regularly update them. This is why some of these software solutions have already turned to the ChatGPT API to automatically generate quizzes.

Fundraising goal


To kickstart this project, an initial budget of €100,000 is required, in the form of two grants of €50,000 each. This will enable additional funding to be obtained from the government.

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The project details

  • #1Detailed description

    The Aristote API will be made available to teachers through:

    • Integration into the most widely used open-source software (Moodle, BBB, etc.)
    • Collaboration with the most prominent EdTech companies in the French landscape (initial contacts made with Ubicast, Wooclap, etc.)

    Through these channels, the API will collect:

    • Course materials (texts, documents, videos)
    • Feedback from teachers on the quizzes generated by the AI (relevance of the questions and answers generated)

    Because they are annotated by teachers, these questions/answers can be directly used to train a Generative AI, whether specialized or generalist.

    Furthermore, the Aristote API will enable EdTech companies to avoid using the ChatGPT API, which is important because if the ChatGPT API retrieves courses from French teachers, the issue of sovereignty becomes significant.

  • #2Objectives of the project

    The Aristote project aims to provide these software solutions, whether open-source or EdTech, with a sovereign API that will serve as an alternative to ChatGPT. This API will enable them to automatically generate quizzes and other content to enrich their courses.

    The teacher remains in control of the content they use and can revoke a quiz suggested by the Aristote API if they find it irrelevant.

    By using Aristote, teachers save time and can leverage AI while being reassured about the sovereignty of this AI and the security of their data.

  • #3Expected results

    Individuals undergoing training are fond of methods and tools that enable them to be more effective in their learning endeavors.

    The Digital Lab of CentraleSupélec explored, using Design Thinking mode, the needs of students, resulting in several use cases summarized in the video below. It showcases how an AI can transform raw video into an efficient revision tool.

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